Why Wine?

Never mind the six million album covers around the world that feature Andy Katz’s photographs, or his dozen books of gorgeous photos that grace countless coffee tables around the country, or the many awards on his mantel earned from five decades of work around the world. It was all an excuse.

An excuse to drink world-class wine. To learn what it takes to make world-class wine. And to spend time with his young son Jesse.

Andy brought Jesse to the most famous vineyards on earth, from the heart of Burgundy to the hills of Tuscany. He may not have admitted it at the time, but Andy’s gambit worked. Barely a decade later, Jesse is now one of the most exciting — and accomplished — winemakers in the world, recently gracing the cover of Wine Enthusiast as a rising young star who is doing nothing less than “changing the way the world drinks.” The son of a man who, through his photographs, changes the way the world sees wine.

It’s a perfect combination. Jesse supplies the grapes, Andy supplies the images. And together they make wines worthy of their travels.

Aperture. World class wines. Katz and Katz. A world-class pairing.

Aperture Wines

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The unique gravely plateau that the Oliver Ranch vineyard sits on allows this extremely concentrated Cabernet to hold its acidity and freshness. This provides balance to the rich flavors of black cherry, currant, and strawberry with a complexity aided by sweet oak, crushed rock, and spice. The 11% of barrel-fermented Cabernet Franc adds a fresh floral component and brings a smooth finesse to the finish. This wine will gain depth and complexity for decades.



Creating the Aperture Red Blend is one of winemaker Jesse Katz's favorite times to get creative and allow the different vineyard lots to guide him. The 2016 blend beautifully demonstrates what we are always looking to achieve, a focused tension between the fruit's expansive power and nuanced elegance.



Four hillside Cabernet vineyard sites, all with mineral-rich volcanic soils, are always the first focus of this blend. In 2016, our Merlot harvest was particularly incredible, yielding stunning acidity with full and silky tannins. It was a perfect partner to the vivid fruit profile of our Alexander Valley Cabernet vineyards. This year's blend, 93% Cabernet, 7% Merlot, achieves an uncommon, sophisticated balance.



This exquisite site creates incredibly sexy wines with delicate, soft tannins that melt into the juicy dark fruits of this powerful Cabernet. Blackberry, blueberry pie, and lavender gain in concentration as the wine builds to a bright, long finish.



This beautiful Chenin Blanc has a light honey-straw color and an aromatic array of floral notes with a core of stone fruits. The palate is a mixture of fresh peaches and Asian pear, with a minerality that is tied together by bright, natural acidity. Barrels give this wine weight and texture without covering up the beautiful tropical flavors, leaving you with a bright, fresh finish.



A stunning mix of tropical notes and citrus married with decadent highlights of honey on the nose. The barrel fermentation and aging create an incredible richness on the palate that is balanced by significant bright natural acidity.


Devil Proof Vineyards

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Devil Proof Malbec is a lush, strikingly complex wine that comes from the Alexander Valley hillsides of Farrow Ranch in Northern Sonoma County, California. Due to the very limited nature of our wine, only members of our mailing list will be offered the opportunity to acquire.

Farrow Ranch.jpg


Devil Proof Malbec, Farrow Ranch, is a lush, strikingly complex wine that comes from the Alexander Valley hillsides of Farrow Ranch in Northern Sonoma County.

There are few sites where a single vineyard, let alone a single block, is better than a blend of multiple blocks or vineyards, but we have found something unique in this one vineyard block which contains all the components of an exceptional wine, exhibiting a true essence of terroir. This rare gem is Block #17 at Farrow Ranch for Devil Proof. The volcanic soil, a blend of Suther loam and Pleasanton gravelly loam, is ideally suited to this Malbec and allows us to successfully dry-farm the vineyard.

This block was planted in 2002 with a mix of Clone 4 and Clone 595 Malbec grafted to 1103P grapevine rootstock. An adjacent large steep hillside creates great air movement through the vines which further enhances the wide diurnal temperature swings so well-known in this region. The result is beautifully ripe and fresh berries with firm acidity and unparalleled elegance for its power.

Rockpile Ridge.jpg


Devil Proof Malbec, Rockpile Ridge, is a robust and powerful wine from the single vineyard site of Rockpile Ridge, in the Rockpile appellation in Northern Sonoma County, the smallest AVA in the United States.

Sitting at an elevation of 1,100 feet, with vineyard rows jutting down at 25-degree slopes towards the Lake Sonoma basin, this dramatic vineyard site provides ideally moderate temperatures, forceful coastal breezes, and well-drained soils.

Taking our cues from the site itself, we mold our winemaking to best showcase this complex powerful mountain fruit. This Rockpile Malbec is 100% barrel-fermented to control the power of the site’s tannins but at the same time highlight the intensity and concentration of the fruit. This is the first time I have ever seen a wine that was 100% barrel-fermented, which is such labor-intensive process but one that this site demands so we will do nothing less.

With little water retention in the gravelly loam soils to begin with, our practice of dry-farming this vineyard further enhances the naturally occurring stress in the vines. Here, our fruit ripens evenly and deeply. The wine is rich, diverse, and striking, and a true expression of its distinctive vineyard source.